SPSFC: Team 7’s Round 1 Reading List

Team 7’s locked and loaded for the first year of SPSFC. If initialisms (damn you book twitter!) trip you up, check out our team’s intro post to read more about what exactly is SPSFC and who exactly are these nerds shoving great sci-fi into people’s faces.

Today’s post is a flashy showcase of our 31 allocations. These are the books we’ll be reading for round 1 of the contest, with a deadline slated for January 22, at which point all teams will announce their semi-finalists.

As a little side note, I’ve set a personal goal to review every book in our batch, as well as every book entered into the competition. Due to life and commitments, it might take me quite a bit to get to them all, outside of what I do have to read for our part of the competition, but my intent is to extend some gratitude to the authors who have made this experience possible and well, to read me some good sci-fi.

As a group, we plan to post reviews for the books we read for the contest, so stay glued to Wyrm’s Worlds and Fantasy Book Critic’s blogs for updates and further thoughts.

For now, check out the books we’ll be reading in the next few months!

Aestus Book 1: The City by S.Z. Attwell
Goodreads | Amazon

An underground city, built centuries ago to ride out the devastating heat. A society under attack. And a young solar engineer whose skills may be the key to saving her city…if she doesn’t get herself killed first.

Along the Perimeter by Steven Healt
Goodreads | Amazon

A caustic fog blankets the Earth. Only the transparent barrier known as the Shield holds it at bay. It is the Amboians—an advanced alien species—and their technology that saved the last remnants of Humanity from the deadly Haze.

ARvekt by Craig Lea Gordon
Goodreads | Amazon

When the brain hackers abduct you, she’s the one who saves you. But what if she can’t save herself?  Innocent citizens abducted from the streets in broad daylight. But is the AI behind it all?

Coyle and Fang: Curse of Shadows by Robert Adauto
Goodreads | Amazon

John Wick meets Sherlock Holmes, in a steampunk world. Coyle, a brilliant detective, and Fang, a vampire assassin, are brought together to catch an evil madman who stole a dangerous book.

Crystal and Flint by Holly Ash
Goodreads | Amazon

When plans to calm political tensions on a 300-yeard-old human settlement are endangered, two women must find a way to work together to save a ship, liberate an underwater colony from an oppressive government, and prevent a war. 

Detriment by Mark J. Schultis
Goodreads | Amazon

Stranded halfway across the galaxy, a crew must unite to survive a terrorist attack and a bizarre anomaly. Tested in the face of death, two men are forced to become either who they were meant to be, or the monsters they always feared they were.

Empire Reborn by A.K. Duboff
Goodreads | Amazon

Epic sci-fi featuring sprawling galactic empires, drama, intrigue, and psionic abilities. With the future of the Empire at stake, Jason must find a way to unite the worlds against an invisible enemy.

Escape from B-Movie Hell by M.T. McGuire
Goodreads | Amazon

The human race will perish unless Eric’s Gamalian superiors step in. Abducted and trapped on an alien ship, Andi must convince the Gamalians her world is worth saving. Or escape from their clutches and save it herself.

Fatal Extraction by Evangeline Rain
Goodreads | Amazon

With their freedom at stake, Nirvana Faust and her crew of space pirates must infiltrate Chikara to extract war plans for a general. In need of knowledge from one who defected the stronghold, Nirvana teams up with a young man that may be more than meets the eye.

Gunships and Goodbyes by Casey White
Goodreads | Amazon

When the Tamani blew a hole in his ship, his friend, and his career, Richard McCallister called it quits. But now they are rumored to have returned, McCallister must choose between hiding or running towards the Tamani’s maw and plucking his friend’s legacy from its teeth.

I, Cunningham by Benoit Goudreault-Emond
Goodreads | Amazon

Gordon Cunningham, an ordinary citizen of 22nd century Earth, should have in an unfortunate accident. Instead, he woke up stuck inside a robot. In the 29th century.

Iron Truth by S.A. Tholin
Goodreads | Amazon

A junior botanist and a commander must trust each other long enough to uncover an alien planet’s dark secret and survive deranged cultists, terrorist rebels, and the iron truth.

Killing Dragons by Kristie Clark
Goodreads | Amazon

To stop a sea dragon from attacking her dolphins, a haunted scientist must decide if she should ally with a drug lord or a former navy seal with a track record she isn’t sure she can trust. Or she could go after the dangerous dragon alone.

Lost Girl by L.J. Kendall
Goodreads | Amazon

Pulled from chill waters without a single memory, a girl finds herself hunted and on the run, having drawn the attention of uncanny forces. With odd behaviors and strange abilities, she must decide if she should trust her saviour…or even herself.

Modulus by RT Romero
Goodreads | Amazon

To track down and apprehend the culprit behind the destruction of an agricultural planet, Steve will rely on friends old and new, follow a trail of clues, endure an assassination attempt, use powerful new technologies, and discover something alien that no human technology seems able to unlock.

Neander by Harald Johnson
Goodreads | Amazon

When Tom plunges through a time portal and into the era of the Neanderthals, he must use his modern-day wits to fight for survival in the world of 40,000 years ago, contend with a group of archaic humans, and face a crucial decision that could alter the course of human history.

Neurotopia by Tony Mohorovich
Goodreads | Amazon

When Earth’s neuronet is hacked with a suicide virus, a reclusive middle-aged thought-scanner must risk her life and sanity to infiltrate the lawless lunar colonies if she is to find a cure.

Otherworlders by Angela Cavanaugh
Goodreads | Amazon

When a virus threatens humanity with extinction, the desperate and dwindling number of uninfected seek refuge in a parallel universe that meets them with suspicion and hatred.

Prophecy by Justin Wilkerson
Goodreads | Amazon

Cuzak, newly crowned King of a galactic alliance, must come to grips with his role in an ancient prophecy as he tries to protect his people from his traitorous brother. But is it simply anger driving his brother, or an even more mysterious force, long forgotten by the people of Specter?

Roko’s Catalyst by Michael Blackbourn
Goodreads | Amazon

In an AI-ravaged world lost under a treacherous sea, a small fleet of ships endures constant cycles of freezing and thawing. A girl with prescient abilities and a scavenger boy may just have discovered the secret to humanity’s survival. But someone or something wants to stop them all.

Spacecrime Domino by Kai M.F.S.
Goodreads | Amazon

In a galaxy reeling from the wounds of a recent war, the arrival of an alien being sets a space-faring pirate and his crew on a collision course with a tenacious and unsavory special agent kept in check only by an idealistic officer from the Ministry of Science.

Spindown by Andy Crawford
Goodreads | Amazon

A Chief Inspector and a Lieutenant dig into a suspicious death aboard a colony vessel. With an increasingly uncooperative populace, a shocking assassination attempt, and a spaceship falling apart, they must unravel secrets that threaten the lives of thousands before it’s too late… 

Steal the Reaper by Todd Hosea
Goodreads | Amazon

With Earth’s fate hanging in the balance, a Captain must infiltrate North Korea to steal an alien vessel, avoid triggering World War III, and pilot a spaceship that is light years beyond anything she has ever flown.

Steel Guardian by Cameron Coral
Goodreads | Amazon

A gentle robot faces mortal danger, scavengers, militaristic SoldierBots, Combat Mechs, and a cyborg Bounty Hunter that will stop at nothing to find him and the child he cares for—one who might hold the key to humanity’s future.

Symphony Under Siege by Stephen Hall
Goodreads | Amazon

Commanding a luxury spaceliner smuggling a treasure worth millions, Captain Diana races to unmask the serial killer in her midst before they can kill again, while defending her ship from a pirate attack.

The 5th Gender by G.L. Carriger
Goodreads | Amazon

A kind-hearted alien and a grumpy detective are thrown together to help an alien species solve a murder. A light-hearted romantic cozy mystery featuring an adorable lavender alien and his human crush.

The Enodia Enigma by Christopher J. Wrigth
Goodreads | Amazon

As humanity emerges from a galactic dark age, an ancient superstition proves to have sinister roots. Two people’s lives are brought together by a mystery that threatens all humanity, unleashing events that will forever change mankind’s place in the universe.

The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss
Goodreads | Amazon

In a corporate-controlled city, two people unearth secrets that threaten everything they hold true. Coming to terms with the changes in their lives, they discover there is a much more powerful and ancient force at work, trying to bridge the gap between man and nature.

The Paradise Factory by Jim Keen
Goodreads | Amazon

In a future ruled by AI, a beat-down cop battles imminent death and her own trauma as she vows to track drown her mentor, even if it means going toe to toe with a ruthless crime boss.

The Reintegrators by Will Weisser
Goodreads | Amazon

Tormented by crippling panic attacks and desperate to find a way to help his catatonic father, a young boy searches a maze of bizarre worlds for the key to his father’s shattered mind.

Vicarous by Rhett C. Bruno
Goodreads | Amazon

In a world where entertainment is everything, the lives of the volunteer director of a virtual reality show and the show’s brightest young star become entangled when the latter’s life is threatened. The 100 meets The Truman Show in this science fiction story about the power of human connection.

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