Behind Wyrm’s Worlds

Found at the edge of the universe, this cryptic library was once known by many other names; Tales of the Lamp, The Paperback Voyager, and Bookwyrm’s Guide to the Galaxy were but some of them. But with the settling of the Tomekeepers, it now bears a single title resonating throughout the galaxy.

Wyrm’s Worlds.

Founded by the Pagemaster, rumored to be the first Tomekeeper, this vast library is the headquarters of all galactic book blogging, a mystery even to its caretakers, the enigmatic Tomekeepers, and a monument to the magic of the written word.

Wyrm’s Worlds is a place where word, myth, and reality meet. Some say it is a ship, others, a portal, and the more fearsome claim it a necessary eulogy to stave off the rebirth of the ancient, legendary behemoth in which bones it resides. Within its many mysteries, one truth arises: The library of Wyrm’s Worlds shows itself to all those eager to explore the wide worlds of SFF and all their wonders, adventures, and perils.

Welcome, weary traveller, and by the hand of the Tomekeepers, may you journey on beyond universe’s edge.