Meet The Tomekeepers

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Arina (they/she) journeys the worlds of speculative fiction at Wyrm’s Worlds, championing indie and inclusive SFF. She caught the reading bug as a child and has since nurtured it into a powerful hive.

An astronaut in another branch of the Sacred Timeline and a book blogger in this one, she’s an avid reader and gamer who enjoys being a programmer by trade, a (TT)RPG buff by disposition, and a chaotic neutral by alignment.

You can also find her co-blogging with the awesome Timy and Jen at Queen’s Book Asylum, and writing for The Nerd Daily and The Lesbrary.

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Paul's photo. Paul's this quirky, fun, clever guy wearing glasses and sporting an envy-worthy beard. Can't top it.

Paul English-Wolfe

Paul is an avid reader and sometimes writer, hailing from the gelid shores of North East England, where he lives with his glorious wife and two cat-shaped demons.

Raised on The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, he fell in love with fantasy at an extremely young age but soon began devouring science-fiction after his mother stole him a copy of 2010: Odyssey Two from a hospital library.

In a previous life, he’s been a biomedical scientist and an immunological researcher, but these days is a civil servant who spends his days wishing he wasn’t.

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